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ABOUT IBUDGETHOTEL.COM is a Singapore company founded in April 2004. Our office is at 10 Anson Rd, #12-14 International Plaza Singapore. is completely independent owned by IBudget Hotel Systems Pte Ltd and was founded with the idea in mind, that an ever growing Budget Hotel infrastructure in South East Asia needs an organisation that is trying to represent Hotelling/Hostelling to the outside world, supports budget hotels with cheap web based property management software and other tools, marketing and advertising of rooms online, advice if wanted and the chance to "network" together.
Besides the above mentioned commitments, is also trying to satisfy all informational needs a budget traveller might have, and allows him to book low-budget hotels/hostels all over South East Asia.

What is unique about
1. is completely independent owned and we treat any budget hotel/hostel absolutely impartial. There is no preference whatsoever, guaranteed, and there never will be. We will never try to influence your decision where to stay by any mean.
2. Budget Hotels that are using our very own in-house Hotel Management System will have the incredible super low Special Rates (limited room nights) not found anywhere on the planet and this is exclusively provided by us through our contract with the Budget Hotel. Since they are operating through our in-house system, the availability of rooms are 100% reliable and efficient and your room reservations at are automatically reflected. This allows you, the traveller, to book many budget hotels/hostels when other booking portals can't help you any longer, mainly in high season, because they reduce their allocations with the travel portals.

3. By using you help the budget hotels/hostels to stay what they want to be: low budget and to concentrate on what it wants to do anyway: win you, the customer, through hospitality, a trouble-free atmosphere and great service.
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